Moto X coming out in October – manufactured in US


Google owned Motorola Mobility’s CEO, Dennis Woodside, speaking at D11 conference mentioned that its first biggest product since Google’s acquisition, will be called ‘Moto X’ and will be launched this October. He also said the this new flagship phone will be built in Fort Worth, Texas facility which was previously owned and used by Nokia. However, the processors will be made in Taiwan and the OLED screens will be manufactured in Korea. Dennis even teased in the interview saying, “it’s in my pocket, but I can’t show it to you”.

Motorola is also planning to integrate Moto X will their next-gen sensors which is capable of know when it’s taken out of someone’s pocket, and will act differently when the device is in a car travelling 60 miles an hour and change its functionality in a safe-mode.

Below is the full interview with Dennis Woodside: