Kim Dotcom claims that he holds the patent rights to two-step password authentication in response to Twitter


Earlier this week, Twitter rolled out its much needed two-factor authentication feature to protect user accounts. Not too long after this release, MEGA (ex-Megaupload) founder is claiming that he is the inventor of the two-step verification mechanism and he has a filed patent to prove it. Google Patent lists ‘Kim Schmitz’ (Kim Dotcom’s previous name) as a sole inventor of Patent # US6078908 A which was filed and granted on April 22, 1998. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Bank of America and countless other websites are using two-step authentication to protect user accounts. Below is the list of Kim Dotcom’s tweets that suggests that he hasn’t received any money from any of them for the alleged “massive IP infringement.”

Kim may have a valid claim against the companies who are using two-step authentication technology. We’ll just have to wait and see if he files a suit against any of these companies.