Leaked Windows 8.1 version brings back the Start button


Paul Thurrott posted few screenshots of early Windows 8.1 “Blue” build that shows Start button being reborn. Windows 8 has been widely criticized for the lack of Start button when Windows 8 was initially released in 2012. This absence of the start menu brought many users to purchase Stardock’s Start 8. According to ZDNet, clicking on Start button will return users to the new Start screen rather than displaying the old-style menu. Also, the Start screen will be displayed on top of the desktop wallpaper rather than showing its own background interface (see screenshot below). This will likely help users feel like the new Start screen is more blended with the desktop. Microsoft hasn’t officially acknowledged the existence of these new Windows 8.1 features, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more screenshots and learn more details in the near future.