iPad still dominates tablet usage – Google’s Nexus tablet showing slow growth


iPad has dominated the tablet market since it was released – and based on the data shown by various data and ad networks for April 2013, it is still leading in usage for consumer and enterprise users. Chitika Insights sampled millions of US and Canadian tablet ad impressions through their network. The data shows that 81.3% of web traffic through tablet devices is coming from iPads – up from 81% in January. Surprisingly, the second place goes to Amazon’s Kindle Fire with 7.4% considering the variety of Android platforms tablets available in the market. Third place went to Samsung’s Galaxy tablet with 4.7% of web traffic.

Interestingly, the data from February through April shows that Google’s Nexus devices is growing at a very slow place, while iPad is still on the rise. Nexus tablet web traffic volume has increased by 20.5% since January, claiming 4.7% in April versus 3.9 in January. Google has been busy improving their Android platform by releasing more service and refining user-experience to gain market share.

Below is the detailed graphs from Chitika showing web traffic for tablet.