Microsoft launches comparison website for Windows 8 tablets with iPad


In response to Microsoft’s weak Windows 8 tablet sales, they’ve started marketing campaigns to gain some consumer confidence. Microsoft has launched a website to aim convince that Windows 8 and RT tablets are better options than purchasing iPad.

Microsoft’s website compares Asus VivoTab Smart, Dell XPS 10, HP Envy x2, and Surface RT against 32GB and 64GB iPad models. Most of the comparisons actually works in Apple’s favor – especially when it comes to battery life and weight. However, Microsoft shows that their tablets are at advantage when it comes to Office apps, side-by-side window multitasking, USB & microSD ports, and pricing. Even though they list OneNote is available for iPad, it’s really Microsoft’s own choice not to make the complete Office suite available for iOS platform. Software maker’s price comparison can be a bit misleading since they don’t include cost of a Touch or Type cover. Earlier this month, Microsoft also released an iPad parody commercial which uses Siri’s voice in the background to bash Apple’s device (see below).

Below is the comparison chart for Microsoft Surface RT vs iPad. You can click here to view more comparisons and judge for yourself.


Microsoft’s iPad parody ad: