Automatic Labs, a personal driving assistant platform, delayed til the end of August


Automatic Labs, a California-based startup, which was originally scheduled to ship its ‘Link’ dongle and iPhone app at the end of May, has delayed the release until the end of August. Customers with pre-orders received an email yesterday that the iPhone app is running behind and they need more time to clean it up. THe hardware dongle ‘Link’ is already being manufactured and won’t see any delays.

Automatic uses a ‘link’ dongle which connects to almost any car’s OBD II port and provides personalized driving and car data on your phone. The Link talks to the car’s onboard computer and uses smartphone’s GPS and data plan to upgrade car’s capabilities. Every Link works with both iPhone and Android. Automatic helps make users small changes in their driving habits that can lead to huge savings on gas over time. Below are the highlights of some of the features:

Driving Feedback
Automatic learns about users driving style and gives subtle audio cues when they do things that waste gas, like:

  • Rough Braking – Braking abruptly decreases fuel efficiency and dramatically increases wear-and-tear on car’s brake pads.
  • Speeding – Highway speeding may not save much time, but driving 10 MPH over the speed limit reduces fuel efficiency by 12-15%.
  • Rapid Acceleration – Stepping hard on the gas pedal decreases fuel efficiency and wastes money.

Drive Score
Automatic scores users driving every week to help them improve. A high score could save users hundreds on gas every year.

Trip Timeline
The Automatic app displays detailed info about users week, like how much they drive and where.

Users can see the actual MPGs for all their trips, even for older cars that don’t display fuel efficiency on the dashboard.
Automatic also detects fill-ups and even tracks local gas prices to show you how much you’re spending.

You can also watch the video below to get familiar withe the Automatic Link and app: