Revamped Gmail user-interface maybe coming soon


Leaked images released by The Next Web and Android Police shows a major design and interface change for Gmail. Android’s Gmail app revealed at Google I/O 2013 also showed an improved app with better user-experience for labels. The leaked images show that Gmail will feature five tabs for better organization and categorization, which includes:

  • Main – This is where users will be able to find emails from friends, family members, and other email communications that are not sorted into another place.
  • Social – This is where all messages relating to social media, including emails from Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, Foursquare, and Google+, will be placed.
  • Offers – Emails from retailers, daily deal sites, and other merchants will be placed in this category.
  • Notifications – Emails for bill payments/reminder, dining reservations, and flight alerts will be stored in this category.
  • Forums – Mailing lists and discussion forum emails will be placed under this category

Leaked images shown below were discovered by Android Police at Google’s I/O developer conference, which shows Gmail’s new navigation drawer. You can see a three-line button in the top-left, when tapped, a menu option will appear from the left, showing labels and categories described above. These categories will also be available in Gmail’s mobile app.

Google Gmail 2013 new UI

Google Gmail 2013 new UI