Apple’s iOS 7 redesign image leaks online – shows a very early built


There are lots of news and rumors going around about Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 redesign. Tim Cook even talked about Jony Ive’s new role at D11 conference last week who is overseeing iOS 7′s new interface that will be unveiled at WWDC 2013 next week.

iDownloadBlog posted an blurry image of what may be the new iOS 7 home screen. There’s no way to verify the authenticity of the leaked image, but according to 9to5Mac, they seems to believe that it is likely an very early alpha built of iOS 7 and that things have dramatically changed since then. Below is the full resolution image of the leaked screenshot. It doesn’t quite looks like the concept UI design done by the good folks at, but we sure would love to see Apple’s final design resemble theirs. We’ll find all about it next week.

iOS 7 Leaked Image

For those not familiar with the concept design, below is the video for your pleasure: