Vine gets RickRoll’ed and crashes with a full 3-minute video


Twitter’s Vine has over 13 millions users and they just launched an Android app yesterday (Vine was only on iOS until now). Will Smidlein, a 16-year old kid from Cleveland, Ohio found a technique to upload videos longer than 6 seconds limit. He used the newly released Android app to ‘hack’ his way into uploading the longer video. He decompiled the app, and then re-created some portion of the Vine’s API which enabled him to create posts, add titles and insert thumbnails to the posts. Smidlein then decided to upload the ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ music video to RickRoll the internet. It just went viral from there and crashed Vine. Twitter’s engineers obviously took notice and fixed the issue – but too late to undo the RickRoll damage which was done.

Here are the Vine tweets from Smidlein. We just couldn’t resiste including the ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ video at the bottom: