SugarSync releases Remote-Wipe feature for paid individual and business accounts


As we’ve seen a tremendous growth in cloud-based services, security has been of a high concern for personal and business users. One of the important feature missing from cloud storage providers is the ability to remotely wipe files from the cloud in case of a theft. None of the companies like Dropbox,, Google Drive and Skydrive has the Remote-Wipe option for free or paid users, and looks like SugarSync is the first one to introduce this very useful security tool. The company just rolled out this feature to paid personal and business users who can login their account and have the option to remotely wipe cloud files from their registered Windows or Mac devices. I’m sure the competitors will take notice of this much needed security tool.

Here’s the short video clip of how the remote-wipe feature works in SugarSync:

Official announcement from SugarSync:

SugarSync Rolls Out “Remote Wipe” Feature for Consumers and Business Professionals
By Lance Kass / Jun 06, 2013

Last month we launched Remote Wipe to IT admins of SugarSync’s business account customers. We then heard from our individual accounts users in droves, reinforcing that you don’t have to be an IT administrator to care about the security of your information. Our personal and professional lives have blended, our content has gone digital, and our computing devices are a repository for our most precious personal, as well as business, information. So today, in response, we rolled out a software update to enable our new security feature, Remote Wipe, to consumers and business professionals using individual accounts.

Remote Wipe makes it simple to remove all synchronized files from a PC or Mac in the event of loss or theft. It also makes it easy to transfer ownership of a computer — you can rest assured that all personal data stored in the cloud has been removed from a machine after you’ve used Remote Wipe. And, because the data remains in the cloud, it can easily be synced to a new, replacement device. We believe we are the only company providing this level of control and security for both a PC or Mac owner.

Remote wipe helps our customers safeguard the important information they store, sync and share using SugarSync. It further sets SugarSync apart from the competitors, who have reserved these kinds of security capabilities for business customers In a recent survey, SugarSync discovered just how much individual account holders are using SugarSync for both professional and personal reasons. Today, millions of consultants, realtors, lawyers, creative service professionals (and more) use SugarSync to improve the way they work.

The new Remote Wipe feature gives them a powerful yet simple tool to protect data stored and synced with SugarSync. For example, if a business consultant loses her laptop, she can now prevent important documents from falling into the wrong hands by logging into the SugarSync web application from another computer and remotely wiping SugarSync data from the missing machine. All files will automatically be removed the next time the computer connects to SugarSync’s servers, and a notification will let her know when data has been cleared. And, because her data is still backed up to the cloud, she can easily retrieve it later using another device.

Beginning today, all customers with paid, personal SugarSync accounts (starting at $7.49 per month for 60GB of storage) who are running the latest version of the SugarSync PC or Mac software will have access to the Remote Wipe feature.