With Google Reader’s last days approaching, Feedly is getting ready to take over


In less than 30 days, Google Reader will be shutting down, and the RSS reader community is hunting for the best and close replacement. Feedly has been working hard to become that alternative and take over those millions of users. It announced today that it will integrate with other apps like Nextgen Reader, Reeder, Press, gReader, and Newsify by the end of the month. It has also been engaged with these developers to make 3rd party integration easier.

Feedly has been working hard to turn its API into a clone of Google Reader – which should help users and developers have a smooth transition from Reader. The company also announced that it will be releasing apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8, with some new features like search, faster mobile and desktop experience and more. Feedly seems very dedicated and confident to become your replacement RSS reader after July 1st — and we like everything we’ve seen and heard so far.